Marshall Sterling is a Financial Brokerage and Asset Manager headquartered in Mayfair London offering a comprehensive range of services and multi-asset class products to Private, Professional and Institutional clients. Products include Bonds, Equities, Forex, ETFs, Futures and Options via Institutional grade platforms and telephone. Services include structured investment models offering a range of income focused, risk adverse portfolio solutions, through to portfolio inflation protection and hedging.

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Financial Advice

Financial Advice

At Marshall Sterling, we work closely with our advisory clients keeping them informed of events that may affect their portfolios in a timely fashion so that a decision can be made whilst it’s still relevant.

The relationship with your broker is one that we hope you will have for many years, working hand in hand, discussing opportunities, obtaining market insight whilst taking comfort and peace of mind that we have your best interests at the forefront of our ethos.

Our advisory stockbrokers can be as proactive or as passive as you wish them to be. If you want to be kept abreast of major moves in the market or your portfolio, that is what will happen. If you only want to know if any of your individual stocks have been up or downgraded, that is what will happen.

Our advisory stockbrokers have considerable market knowledge and can be proactive in communicating ideas as and when opportunities as they present themselves.

Advisory stockbroking is not just about suggesting what to buy or sell, but also critically what not buy or sell.

We possess expertise that enable us to make recommendations that match your investment criteria, whether your objective is to maximise income or capital growth, your stockbroker is there to guide you.

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If you are an FX trader we can provide highly liquid, competitively priced fx across a range of investment product vehicles. Our clients trade manually on a range of platforms on multiple devices or gain access to liquidity via API for systematic algo mandates. We work with a number of leading global institutions providing feeds from >10 top tier banks, Prime of Primes, ECN's and Brokerages. If you transfer money internationally, you should consider that we provide access to commission free currency transfer solutions with highly competitive bid/offer rates.

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Marshall Sterling, a London headquartered Investment, Asset and Wealth Management organisation that provides a broad range of financial services solutions to a variety of international, private and institutional clients. We have a proven track record in delivering Alpha positive performance and facilitating the swift transfer of Investment Advisers, Investment Managers and client accounts alike, whilst providing an ongoing relaxed and professional platform to service new and existing business from.

There are many factors driving the price of commodities such as movement in foreign exchange, economic growth, adverse weather conditions and supply and demand of products from Gold and Oil to Wheat and Sugar. You can choose to speculate on the price movements by trading a range of derivative commodities. Many will utilise the trading of derivative commodities to hedge positions in single stocks such as mining companies, be it a CFD position or a physical shares position, or you may choose to utilise the derivative position to hedge a physical delivery contract.

Investments in SIPPs grow free from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. You also get tax relief on your pension contributions. Any money you invest in your SIPP will be topped up by 20% by the taxman, and higher or additional-rate taxpayers can claim back a further 20% or 25% respectively. Tax relief is limited by your annual earnings and the pension annual allowance. Children and people who don't pay tax can also make pension contributions of up to 2,880 a year. With basic-rate tax relief this will make a total contribution of 3,600 a year into the SIPP or other pension.

The current annual Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance is 11,700. After this individuals are charged CGT at a rate of 20% or 28%, depending on your total taxable income. A Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient way to invest money as any profit is exempt from Capital Gains Tax. You can choose to invest your money in a wide range of ISA qualifying stocks and shares from both the UK (including AIM stocks) and on six international markets. You can also invest in funds, bonds, gilts and more. Each year the Government allows you to invest in a tax-efficient product called an ISA, or Individual Savings Account.

At Marshall Sterling, our execution only service seeks to make available a broad selection of products and services via a large number of international banks and brokerages. Our Counterparties provide full coverage of products that you can trade by means of various award winning platforms. As a result of economies of scale, we seek to provide access to your preferred broker and competitive prices. If you already have an account with them, you are able to maintain the same account yet often receive more advantageous pricing through our relationship with the broker.

Marshall Sterling manages money for a variety of international private, corporate and institutional clients who seek to take advantage of the resources, expertise and insight of our qualified investment advisers and managers. As an Authorised Financial Institution, Marshall Sterling operates in accordance with a robust Regulatory framework that provides comfort and peace of mind to our clients and counterparties alike. We place the protection of client assets and performance of client portfolios at the forefront of our ethos.