We offer independent and unbiased financial advice to Private Clients. With offices in the City of London and Beaconsfield, we specialise in servicing senior City professionals, successful business owners, retiring executives and high net worth individuals. The three core pillars of Kennedy Black are: 1. Truly independent and unbiased advice on all aspects of your financial well-being; 2. A focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, and 3. Impeccable service.

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  • Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross

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  City Beaconsfield
  Postcode HP9 1LZ
  Address Marlborough House, 45 Wycombe End
  Phone Number 020 7125 0224

Products & Services


We help senior City professionals and business executives, successful business owners and high-net-worth individuals manage their wealth and achieve the life they want.
We aim to do as much as we can for our clients, so that they can spend their most valuable resource, time, on the things that really matter.

We deliver a full-service offering on all things financial, answering questions such as:

Am I investing sensibly?
What sort of retirement can I expect?
Am I aware of how recent pension and tax changes affect me?
How do I properly protect my family from the unexpected?
What are my current mortgage/remortgage options?
Can I make sure my wealth passes to the people I want on death?

And perhaps, most importantly, we offer a single point of contact on all the above, giving you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of, and the big picture overview whenever you need it.

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From Our Website

We are independently owned, so there is no underlying agenda. We have no products of our own on which to advise. We shun the latest investment ‘fads' and will ignore products that have attractive sales pitches but won't be good for our clients in the long run. We like to think we are refreshingly different - that our client relationships are all about trusted and valued advice, never about sales. Our job is to ensure the long-term success of our clients. That's much more valuable to us than a quick sale.

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has recently introduced a new Pension Transfer Gold Standard, to help ensure the highest-quality advice for clients considering whether to transfer out of a final salary. In what we believe is a first for a UK-based financial planning firm, Kennedy Black Wealth Management is delighted to announce that it is now carbon neutral and zero single-use plastic. We recently intro. We monitor financial markets on an ongoing basis, and one of the tasks we undertake regularly is to compare the performance of our client's portfolios against a variety of benchmarks.

Much like peeling an onion, financial services can make one's eyes water. Particularly when it comes to costs, which have traditionally been buried under layer upon layer. Thankfully, the onion that is financial services in the UK has already had a number of layers peeled off over the years. Initially, through commission disclosure (‘this is how much we make from you'); then the transition from commission to fees (‘this is what we will charge you for our advice'). The latest layer that has been peeled off has come courtesy of new EU regulations, referred to as ‘MiFID II', which came into force in 2018.

Please find enclosed our hot-off-the-press summary of this afternoon's Budget. As with the Spring Budget before it, and the Autumn Statement before that, this (new) Autumn Budget was another damp squib, in our opinion. HM Treasury still clearly has its mind on more important matters, and there was therefore little in terms of substantive change. On the subject of changes to pension rules, cited in just. As the price of one Bitcoin soared past $7,000 yesterday evening, we thought we should dig out the following article from of the archives (originally posted in December 2013) to maintain some perspective.

In this edition, we are very proud to announce that Kennedy Black is completely RDR-ready. If you're not aware of what RDR is and why you should care, then we give you a brief explanation. We also touch on some recent developments in the world of personal finance, including. Kennedy Black Wealth Management is pleased to announce that it is ready for the Retail Distribution Review, 420 days early. We are proud that this puts us among the first advisers in the country to be completely prepared. We are strong supporters of RDR, but in case you're not aware of the new rules, here is a quick summary.

Effective home insurance is an important part of protecting your family's finances. We often find clients are under-insured, which means any prudent planning could be undone through events beyond their control. Part of the problem is that online comparison sites primarily focus on price. That means insurers are incentivised to reduce core levels of cover and exclude any extras, in order to keep headline rates low. A relatively sobering conversation recently highlighted the risk of relying on employer-based life assurance (often referred to as "Death-in-Service").

Two interesting meetings recently have touched on similar points, and I felt that the answer was important enough to warrant a more detailed explanation on our website. These conversations boiled down to the same two questions: What is advice? And is it worth paying for? Both conversations were with new clients where the starting point was an investment portfolio. And in both cases the conversation moved onto. Welcome to the twentieth edition of the Kennedy Black Quarterly Private Client Newsletter.