Established in 1986, Kellands has quickly grown to be one of the biggest ? and best - firms offering independent financial advice in the UK. This is based on the quality of both our services and our advisers. Our distinctive service is geared to help individuals, professional partnerships and companies, large and small.

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As independent financial advisers (IFAs), our aim is to provide ongoing financial solutions to new as well as existing discerning clients, both individuals and businesses, who are seeking the best quality financial advice. What differentiates Kellands Hale from many of our competitors is that we are a Chartered Financial Planning Practice. This means we must ensure that our financial planners acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality advice and that the clients' interests always are at the heart of the advice we give.

As a busy professional, the demands of work alongside family life warrant a particular approach to financial planning and wealth management. We work with the Partners of leading firms, and residents of top Chamber sets, ensuring that their financial affairs are properly managed. Your time is precious, and it can be difficult to find the mental space needed to make strategic financial planning decisions. We provide clarity, creating a plan which helps navigate you towards and into retirement. At the heart of our offering, is the promise of a proactive service, allowing you to focus on your career, whilst partnering with us to ensure that the plan is delivered.

However our approach is somewhat different. We take a holistic approach to financial planning, looking to advise according to your own particular circumstances and life objectives, whilst taking into account your financial affairs as a whole. Our aim is to provide you with lifetime financial support, with continuous reviews along the way as your circumstances and needs change. Tax planning should be at the heart of all your financial planning. At Kellands, we aim to develop tax and estate planning strategies that can help you manage your affairs in the most tax-efficient way.

Our investment planning approach aims to help you enhance your future wealth by generating income and/or capital growth, by strengthening your investment portfolio and by helping you reduce you tax liability wherever possible. At our initial meeting, we seek to establish your current financial situation, together with your financial objectives for the future. We seek to understand whether you are looking to invest for income, capital growth or a combination of both. We also need to appreciate how long you are looking to invest for, plus whether you will need ready access to your money at any time.

The range of mortgage options available is vast - and the marketplace is continually changing. It includes fixed rate mortgages, discount mortgages, tracker mortgages and flexible mortgages. With so many mortgage products to choose from, you need expert financial advice. For many people, remortgaging every few years to take advantage of the new rates on offer can make sense. Remortgaging also provides flexibility for those looking to top-up their mortgage for a variety of reasons, including raising money for outgoings or extending the home.

Retirement planning is an important part of your overall financial planning. The need to accrue sufficient funds to generate income for your retirement has never been greater - and the cost of delay in retirement planning has been well documented. Retirement planning basically comes down to two elements. Firstly, planning in advance to help you generate the retirement income you want, and secondly, planning when you reach retirement. This involves reorganising your assets so that you can achieve the returns you need to support the lifestyle you want.

Given the ever-changing and complex regulatory environment, it makes more sense than ever for solicitors and accountancy firms to work closely with IFAs to provide financial advice to their clients. From a client's perspective, with a fellow professional firm and their IFA working in tandem, they can appreciate the added value that the provision of an all-embracing professional service provides. Kellands Hale can help fellow professionals in marketing financial services to their clients, both individuals and business as well as providing information and advice on wider subjects such as investment strategies, pensions and divorce, inheritance tax planning and trust investment.

We are known for offering quality financial advice. Having carried out an in-depth investigation and analysis of our client's unique financial circumstances, we then propose a robust financial strategy and course of action. This is based both on your specific needs and the various solutions and options available in the evolving world of taxation, investment and legislation. Our starting point is always to gain a full understanding of your wider goals, future plans, dreams and aspirations. Combined with an appreciation of your financial objectives, needs and circumstances, we can then evaluate the whole range of options and scenarios before recommending the most appropriate strategy and financial solutions for you.