We are proud to be partnered with LifeSearch, the UKs leading Life Insurance Broker having won Protection Intermediary of the Year 10 times in the last 11 years.

With over 50 industry recognised awards won since 1998, an insurer portfolio stretching market wide and consultants who are fully qualified to give you the best advice, LifeSearch are the only partner we need.

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  Address 401 Grafton Gate
  Phone Number 0800 051 9114

Products & Services

Life Insurance / Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection are essentially the same thing. The terms are interchangeable and are dependent on how insurance companies market their product. Life Insurance is designed to pay out the amount you are covered for if you pass away during the term of the policy.

Business Protection

There is an array of angles that need protection within a business: Insuring key people, Share Protection, Life Insurance with potential of corporation tax relief and many more.

Inheritance Tax Solutions

Before speaking to a consultant, we would recommend you establish the value of your estate so the advice given reflects the actual need rather than a very rough estimate.

Over 50's Plans

Over 50's plans are ideal if you are over 50 and have any health problems which have made it difficult to get a traditional Life Insurance policy.

The way they work are simple. You are automatically accepted to have Life Insurance regardless of your health or lifestyle.

From Our Website

Fi Protect are proud to be partnered with JLM Mortgage Services who are directly Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We strive to provide a holistic service around all protection products and requirements and the fact we work across the market means you'll always get the best deal at the best price. Fi Protect are here to allocate you your own dedicated Advisor who can understand and address your needs by tailoring your protection around your circumstances. By doing so, you'll not only stand to save money, you'll ensure all avenues are covered.

Perhaps the most understated protection product on the market, Income Protection is designed to ensure you continue to receive an income if you are unable to work for any reason. Income Protection is often portrayed by people to be something like PPI which has had some extremely bad press over the years. This is simply not true. Having the right Income Protection policy in place will give you the greatest piece of mind knowing that in your inability to work, you'll be able to continue to pay your outgoings without having to borrow money from family and friends or sacrifice lifestyle choices.

The whole point of us looking at protection, particularly Life Insurance, is to ensure our loved ones do not financially struggle when we pass away. Once a Life Insurance policy is started, it's highly advisable to make sure you have a Trust set up. Without a Trust, the money paid out from your Life Insurance policy will end up in your estate. Your estate is like a big pot where all your worldly belongings are stored when you pass. This can include pensions, cash in the bank, investments, equity in property, vehicles owned and Life Insurance policies.