If you are looking for an independent financial adviser or for help with your pension, inheritance tax planning or savings and investment strategies you are in the right place. At DHM we pride ourselves on being truly independent able to offer information and advice on products from hundreds of providers of pensions, mortgages, protection and investment products.

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At different stages in our lives, we need to make plans and provision for our future.

With a first job comes a decision about pension provision for our senior years. The first step on the property ladder requires consideration of mortgages and protection products, whilst marriage and family commitments might cause a complete reassessment of finances.

As we get older, financial planning doesn't necessarily become any more straight-forward. As your investment portfolio expands, you move house, change jobs and perhaps start to think about plans for retirement, the financial aspects of your life can become increasingly complex.

For many in retirement, cash is in short supply but for those who have taken advice in the good times, options for releasing capital from investments and drawdown options on pension funds mean the need for advice is still important.

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Nigel has in excess of 40 years' experience in the financial sector and has been managing director and senior partner of DHM and associated companies since 1995, having worked in a senior capacity within the company prior to that date. As well as dealing with management and compliance issues, Nigel is still very active in advising clients on all aspects of financial affairs, both private and corporate. He specialises in self-invested personal pension arrangements, both personal (a SIPP) and corporate (a SSAS) and the retirement issues encountered in these areas.

Wynchwood offer practical solutions to your Long Term Care financial planning needs; offering the family peace of mind and your loved one security and dignity in their old age. We will get to know you and your circumstances then consider all the funding options available, including, but not limited to, NHS funding, investments and Immediate Care Plans. You may be entitled to benefits and we will offer help and guidance in this often complex area. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients can fund their care in an efficient manner and that their estate is maximised.

With increasing property prices, more of us face the prospect of leaving loved ones with a hefty inheritance tax (IHT) charge. With changes to IHT continuing to evolve, it is prudent to seek advice now. Wynchwood works with your solicitor and accountant to construct a holistic approach to your IHT mitigation plan.

The starting point for any successful savings or investment plan is a thorough understanding of your financial goals, your current plans and current financial commitments. Having gone through this initial fact finding process, we would be in a position to make recommendations including the correct plan type and individual fund/investment holdings. Wynchwood currently looks after assets in excess of 300 million and has a comprehensive and research led approach to investments. The investment funds we recommend have undergone rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis within the relevant fund management companies to ensure they have the best chance of delivering results in line with their stated objectives.

Your own personal circumstances will determine what protection products you need. Wynchwood offers access to a comprehensive range of products that can cover the major risks to you and your family's financial future. All of these are sourced from the whole marketplace to give you the best product and value.

Pension Planning is a complex area, and because of the long term nature of the investment and the potential to make considerable gains or losses, it is essential that you receive professional independent advice. Not all independent financial advisers (IFAs) are experts in pensions so it is important that you speak to advisers who specialise in pension and retirement planning. Wynchwood has advisers with the specific qualifications needed to give you appropriate advice; for example advising on the "flexibility" rules for over-55s which took effect from 6th April 2015 or Final Salary Transfers.

We understand the products and work to understand your needs to recommend an appropriate product solution. We have access to all products available in the marketplace as independent financial advisers; some of which you may not have access to as an individual. Using this information and our own specialist knowledge, we can compare the current offers available to you and recommend an appropriate solution for your particular circumstances.