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Income protection, or permanent health insurance to give it it's more technical term is an insurance policy which protects your income, if you are unable to work due to accident or illness. The Income Protection Policy aims to replace your income in the event that you are unable to carry on the duties of your role (through illness or accident), either until your retirement date or you are able to return to work. In many ways Income Protection is a very important cover, protecting the golden goose, and ensuring that, should we be unable to work through ill health, we not just afford our mortgage but also our groceries and maintain our normal standard of living.

Equity release enables you to release cash tied up in your home to provide a lump sum. You can use the lump sum for any purpose, such as home improvements or to provide a regular income. Although less common Equity release, or a Lifetime Mortgage can also be used to buy a new home. Lifetime Mortgage can also be used to buy a new home. There are many different providers, each with different features, benefits and criteria, your adviser at DALES will help you find the most appropriate solution to fit your requirements.

Pensions are, of course, designed to enable you to save sufficient money to live comfortably after you have retired from work. There are many different 'tools' used to save for retirement and the taxation and investment elements of pensions can appear baffling. We specialise in explaining, recommending and monitoring pensions for you. Below are the most common sources of pension to fund for your retirement. For people who have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions while at work or have been credited with enough contributions.

So why save money? There are many reasons to save for the future - perhaps for something special? Or perhaps to be sure that when we really need something we have the funds to acquire it, without taking on debt? Whether you place your money in a piggy bank, or in a multinational investment house, our aims are broadly the same; to provide for our future needs, and to protect ourselves against unexpected causes of expenditure. When planning your finances, it is important to distinguish the difference between savings and investments.

We'll help find the best mortgage rates & offers for all types of buyer. With over 23 years of experience we've come across most situations and are adept at finding positive solutions. Call us today to see how we can help. First Time Buyer Mortgages: Looking for your first mortgage can be a bit of a challenge, with all the different terms, types and costs to consider. Our Mortgage Advisers have access to the whole of the market, not just the high street and will guide you though the process from start to finish.