The words we use for financial information can sometimes seem like a foreign language to my friends and family. So, I genuinely enjoy understanding, interpreting and relaying back to my clients what it all really means to them. It's very rewarding to see people take control of their financial future and realise that despite how confusing or unintelligible things first appeared that together we made it make sense.

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  • Scotland

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  City Uddingston
  Postcode G71 6LU
  Address Ashley Park
  Phone Number 01253 881910

Customer Testimonials

My wife and I have known Julie for many years and have always been completely satisfied with the advice offered what is most impressive is the amount of time taken in researching products to match our requirements furthermore she always explains the product in an uncomplicated and easy to understand manner -I feel this is vitally important when planning your financial future we have recommended Julie to our daughter who is equally delighted with the advice given.

From Our Website

Julie has been talking money since 1998. She spent the first 15 years soaking up technical (although not necessarily exciting) information. After accumulating a whole alphabet of letters after her name in qualifications she has realised that isn't what changes people's lives and her focus is now on where the big changes happen. How we think and feel about money. That's what matters to Julie, helping everyone around her live a life packed full of meaning. Julie specialises in working with women who have lost their partner through her work here at Bree Wealth.

We want to understand where you are right now, and what you want the path between here and your future to look like. Then, we work together to make sure you have the right amount of money in the right place at the right time. Where do you want to be, what are your ambitions, what do you need to look after the people you love? Knowing the answers will provide us with the information to enable you to have the security and happiness you want. We don't spend enough time, (if any) considering these things.