We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers with over 25 years' experience, offering a tailored service to suit your financial planning requirements. Utilising state of the art technology, our modern computer systems and research tools help us make sure you get the best service possible.

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Personal Wealth Management

As your life changes over time it's important to ensure that your financial objectives continue to meet your needs. Axis Wealth Management's approach takes account of business, personal and family circumstances. As well as your available assets, other important factors we take into account are tax considerations, your financial liabilities, your retirement planning and your appetite for risk.

Whether you are rapidly progressing in your career, or building your business, and are looking to build your wealth, we provide the professional advice required to ensure you attain your goals. Equally, if you've already built your wealth and wish to see it grow, our unique approach to total wealth management can help you continue to achieve this objective.

Once we have all the information we can develop a financial plan that will benefit you and your family for generations. If you would like to discuss the range of personal and corporate services we offer, please contact us for further information.

Corporate Financial Planning

If you own or run a business you are no doubt already aware how difficult it is to retain and look after good staff, they are the cornerstone of any good business and their value should never be underestimated.

Here at Axis Wealth Management we have advised on many Corporate Pension Schemes and Group Healthcare Schemes.

So whether you want to insure your key people, your managers, or your entire workforce, we can tailor health cover to suit your business.

From Our Website

I have been thoroughly impressed with Axis Wealth Management. On coming to retirement I was overwhelmed with the variety of forms and choices available to me, and found the process very stressful. Axis helped alleviate all the hassle and increase my pension income by over 20% and took care of all the paperwork for me. We are a Brighton based firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), that focus on long term customer relationships and giving the best service possible. We utilise modern technology to offer our clients features that make them happy.

At Axis Wealth Management, we work as a team and that one simple fact makes us stand out from the competition. What that means is as well as having a close and personal relationship with your Financial Adviser, you will have a support team of experienced individuals working on administration, report writing and research in order to help you fulfil your objectives. Our clients inform us that we are different from other Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers in that we know a long term relationship with our clients is the very foundation of our business.

Not everyone pays Inheritance Tax. It's only due if your estate, including any assets held in trust and gifts made within seven years of death, is valued over the Inheritance Tax threshold, currently 325,000 (also known as the nil rate band). The Inheritance Tax threshold has been frozen at this level since 2010. One of the great things about having wealth is knowing that it can be passed on to others. Your wealth might encompass businesses, property and investments in the UK and abroad that require specialist considerations.

Faced with finding care for yourself, a relative or a friend is both a daunting and draining experience. The actual process of finding suitable care and sorting out the legislation, not to mention helping your loved one come to terms with the significant changes to their lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Finding the right type of care, understanding complex and lengthy legislation is difficult in itself. Add to this your loved one coming to terms with what is one of the most challenging changes to their lifestyle, and you have an extremely worrying and stressful time on your hands.

Every business owner knows that it is their employees that make the business work. If you were to lose a critical member of your team, how well would your company cope? Unfortunately many business owners do not consider such risks or the potential consequences until it is too late. We work closely with a large variety of businesses and put in place insurance to protect such key personnel. This can help to balance the loss in profits that can result from the death or illness of a key member of staff, along with the cost of training a replacement.

If your business isn't organised effectively, you could be paying taxes away unnecessarily. Whether you're a sole trader, partnership or company, the right corporate tax planning can make significant improvements to your bottom line. Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Your future financial independence relies on selecting the right type of investments and balancing the risks. When looking to invest there are considerable options available, and selecting the right route can seem daunting. At Axis Wealth Management we can help you navigate these tricky waters and find an investment strategy that is right for you. We have an industry leading advice process utilizing modern model portfolio theory and highly diversified investments. Depending on your goals, this gives you the opportunity to achieve real growth in your investment, income, or both.