Being truly Independent Financial Advisers, we offer a comprehensive service for both private and corporate clients, covering a wide range of financial planning areas. We are a Derbyshire based IFA firm which services clients from all around Derbyshire, Yorkshire (Sheffield, Chesterfield, Manchester & Leeds) as well as all over the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on giving a comprehensive review of your financial needs to help you achieve your goals and secure your future, in a friendly and easy to understand way. We do not focus on a product to sell, but on which solution is most appropriate. If a product forms part of the solution, any commission generated is not taken, but used to your benefit, usually through reinvestment into the product, thus reducing the charges.

Serviced Areas

  • Hope Valley, Derbyshire, Sheffield, Rotherham, Buxton, Chesterfield

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  City Hope
  Postcode S32 1DD
  Address 1 Bank House Row, Station Road
  Phone Number 014 3365 1438

Products & Services

Investment Advice

With Increased volatility in today's financial markets, making an incorrect investment decision could cost you dearly if you do not fully understand the risks involved. We take the time to fully understand your circumstances and suggest investments suitable for your tolerance to loss and attitude to risk.

Think investing is only for the rich? This is far from true – you don’t have to be wealthy to be an investor. A well managed investment plan can increase your wealth, provide you with an income or both.

Retirement Options

Once upon a time, your pension plan matured at 65, you took some cash and a monthly pension for life.

Over the years, the number of ways you can take benefits has increased significantly, offering opportunities for:

tax planning
gradual retirement
early retirement from age 55
investment planning
varying of payments each year

From Our Website

Being truly honest Financial Advisers, we offer a comprehensive range of financial advice services for individuals, business owners and Trustees covering a wide range of financial planning areas with specialist knowledge in Investments, Pensions and Tax Planning. Based in the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire, just a stones throw from Sheffield, We have clients all over the country. We advise many company directors on their personal finances ensuring they are growing and protecting their wealth in the most efficient way including tax efficient strategies to utilise business profits.

Andrew Stuart & Company Limited decided in 2004 to introduce a fee charging structure, thereby moving away from reliance on product provider commission. We believe this way is fairer for client and adviser, as the cost for financial advice is much clearer and removes any bias towards using providers who would pay the largest commission. You pay for our expertise and nothing is hidden from you. This is now the norm for the industry as the Financial Services Authority have abolishing commission charging structures with effect from 1st January 2013 on pension and investment related business.

Planning your affairs for after you are gone might not be a subject you like to think about, but being pro active in organising your financial affairs could mean the difference between setting your loved ones up for an easier future or leaving them with a great headache as well as the loss of a loved one. It's more and more likely that you will need to consider inheritance tax in your financial plans. Although it used to affect only the very wealthy, a general rise in house prices over the past decade means that more people have fallen into the inheritance tax bracket.

The fully integrated Wealth Platform gives a complete view of all your plans, on which good strategic investment decisions can be based, providing a unique service unrivalled in the UK. This unique business partnership means that for the first time you can access all financial legacy and portfolio information in one location. The increasing complexity of portfolio construction and picking and researching funds, is placing substantial time demands and cost. With access to powerful investment analysis and planning tools, we can provide true wealth management, but also provide on-going levels of service at a cost simply impossible elsewhere.

Financial protection insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what happens in life you will at least be able to cope financially during a difficult time. Financial protection insurance is often overlooked when developing a financial plan, although it is one of the best forms of protection against life's calamities, including financial hardship caused by serious illness, injury or death. The policyholder pays a regular or single premium and in the event of the insured's death, his or her family gets a cash amount, generally many times the amount paid in premiums.

As your mortgage is likely to be your single largest financial commitment, it pays to explore all your options, from product type to repayment method before signing on the dotted line. We realise that you want your mortgage completed quickly with as little expense as possible. So that is precisely what our advice process is designed to achieve for you. Finding the best mortgage with independent advice ensures you pay less and don't end up with options you don't need. We are able to highlight and explain any potential pitfalls, like early repayment charges and tied-in insurances, that can often take the gloss off mortgages that have attractive headline interest rates.

Unlike the majority of advisers, we are fee-based (and have been for many years). We do not focus on a product to sell, but on which solution is most appropriate. If a product such as an investment forms part of the solution, the charges will always be outlined at the outset. One of our main aims is to prove the value that our advice is adding to you and are confident that the service and advice you receive is quickly recovered. What ever you are seeking advice for, we always take a 'wider picture' view of your whole financial situation to ensure that whatever we recommend is appropriate, tax efficient and won't disadvantage you anywhere else where possible.

Auto Enrolment is the governments answer to the savings gap which is emerging in the UK. We as a population are growing bigger and living longer. As a result, the government is unable to provide an adequate state pension. This savings gap is increasing the need for individuals to take more responsibility for their retirement planning. The coalition government's policy is to press ahead with a Labour scheme to force all UK firms, regardless of size, to automatically enrol their staff into a pension scheme starting from 2012.