Our priority for clients is to establish a relationship that is built on confidence and mutual respect. Much of our growth is through recommendation and our policy is to maximise our client's financial position through choosing products and services that we would invest in ourselves. Contact us today to arrange a 'no obligation' chat with one of our qualified financial advisers about your current situation.

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Our role, as Independent Financial Advisers, is to help you choose investments which fall within your risk parameters and are suitable for your short and long-term financial planning objectives. Our core mandate is to understand exactly what our investors need before creating a bespoke investment strategy for them.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process which, when done correctly, allows you to make the correct decisions regarding your short and long-term financial goals. We are here to help you answer those all important questions such as:

Should I continue working or can I retire early?
Should I pay off my mortgage early or continue with the repayments?
What happens to my family if myself or my partner passes away?
What happens to my estate if I pass away?
What is my exposure to Inheritance Tax?
How can I reduce my tax bill?

Customer Testimonials

Tony and his team has been advising us for a number of years, for pensions and our investments. We have found his advice to be very professional and easy to understand, his team at AIM have been extremely helpful quickly dealing with any issues and questions we have posed and they are all very friendly. Thank you for making the whole process painless and more importantly, easy to understand. Thank you.

Just a few lines to say thank you to Mr Tony Dawson and his backup team for helping me with my pension details. It takes good advice which AIM gave me. The time it took overall may be six months. It pays to do things correctly. I would use them again.

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We measure a client's tolerance to risk and then recommend a bespoke combination of asset classes. We select and analyse research from a wide range of market-leading resources e.g. OBSR, Citywire, Standard & Poors, Morningstar and Lipper to narrow down the circa 3,900 available UK funds to a few which we believe will be the leaders in the future. The investment funds and asset allocation models are regularly reviewed and reported to our clients at intervals agreed with them in line with our Levels of Service.

Iain originally started training as an accountant before moving in to retail banking and on to management. From that point Iain established and led a substantial team within the bank's trust company before establishing Allan Investment Management, with his wife, Diane in 1992. Since then Iain has overseen the acquisition of two other IFA firms and he continues to enjoy building the business and maintaining relationships with clients. Iain holds the full Diploma in Financial Planning. Outside of the office, Iain enjoys sailing, cycling and travelling.

Financial protection against the unexpected should be one of the first priorities when making any long term financial plans. Given the complex nature of protection we will be on hand to offer the most appropriate protection advice, after all, a simple policy written in trust may be able to save up to a 40% loss in Inheritance Tax. Also known as Life Insurance is a great way to help protect your family from the financial worries they could face if you were no longer around, such as household bills, child-care costs, university fees and covering mortgage payments.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, 'the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes', and this touches on both of them. When you die, the Government assesses how much your estate is worth, then deducts your debts from this to give the value of your estate. Your estate will owe tax at 40% on anything above the 325,000 inheritance tax threshold when you die (or 36% if you leave at least 10% to a charity). Dealing with it is one of the biggest single money saving things you can do, as some simple actions can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Start by listing your retirement goals on a sheet of paper. We suggest giving this some thought, because the first ten are easy to identify, the next ten are somewhat harder to recognize, and the last ten make you discover your inner dreams. Arrange your goals into short, medium and long-term goals. We can then set a rough cost to each where appropriate. This involves identifying the assets from which retirement income may be derived. You will need to determine your retirement budget needs and understand what you spend to support your current lifestyle.

As a wholly Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) we are free to source investments and other financial products and services from across the whole of the marketplace. This is because we, unlike many other financial advisers, are not tied to any other companies or providers of financial products or services, and as such we are deemed truly independent. We are a truly independent adviser only offer advice to our clients that is in their best interests. As an example, many advisers from banks are not independent are may therefore only offer advice on their own financial products and services, or of those from another provider who they have partnered with.

One of the most critical choices for many people approaching pension age is the choice of Annuity, or being better informed of the alternatives. If you would like an unbiased assessment about your options and how to make your pension work for you, please contact us to make an appointment and we will provide our assistance. We can help you to establish a pension plan for your retirement with contributions which can be made by you and also your employer. It is essential that you have your plans reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet your retirement expectations and we can provide you with this service as part of a structured agreement.

One type of annuity does not suit everyone, if it did there would be no competition and no market. Our job is to help you decide whether an annuity is the correct choice and then choose the best annuity for you. Even when you know what you want, we are here to ensure you are receiving the type of annuity you expected and take early action to get it amended if possible. Most annuities are set for life, so making the right choice and ensuring it is fit for your circumstances is very important at the outset.